We have said goodbye to the off-season and are rebuilding for you!

On the 5th floor of the Weisseespitze we are creating suites with stunning views and behind the scenes we are also making changes that will benefit our team and you.

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Nature Park Creator

Urlaub buchen


From small mountain guest house in the 1950s to a 4-star hotel with pool, spa and kitchen serving traditional cuisine. Not a decade has gone by in which the owner has not further added to the facilities on offer at the Weisseespitze in order to adapt to the changing needs and desires of holidaymakers. Now, just as it was back then, the hotel is defined by the awe-inspiring mountains that surround it. They are the bedrock from which we have grown, and are they the centrepiece for your rest and recreation. They are a source of pure life energy.

As one of the longest standing partners of the Kauengrat Nature Park, we feel an obligation to ensuring the wellbeing of nature and the region. We are well aware of the treasures that these two things provide us with each and every day. And we are now taking the next step. Together with 9 other nature parks in the Kaunertal valley, the neighbouring Pilztal valley and Fliess, we are setting an example as designers and ambassadors for sustainable, climate-friendly tourism.

We have committed ourselves to following the guidelines set down in the 17 international Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for short. These have been created by the United Nations for the purpose of promoting environmental protection and social justice.

Our actions at the Weisseespitze are guided by 5 international development goals



Our responsibility

Our guiding principle is “full enjoyment of life”. This principle applies not just to our guests during their stay with us, but also for our employees. Flexibility, sensitivity to the needs of individuals and a regional awareness are the foundations of a relaxed working atmosphere.

  • Flexible part-time working models starting from 10 hours per week help employees balance their work and family lives.
  • In order to reduce day-to-day stress, we have a wide range of leisure activities available to our staff.
  • We server high quality food to both our guests AND staff. Food is locally sourced where possible and we even keep 40 free range chickens and 3 pigs ourselves.
  • The holiday offers available at our hotel are aimed at helping you slow down and relax, in harmony with the landscapes of this nature park and glacier region.


For the region

Hotel Weisseespitze is committed to using product, producers and service providers from the local Kaunergrat Nature Park. This promote local value creation and protects the cultural heritage of our alpine region.

  • We make use of “our Nature Park Network” with a range of local partners for agriculture, tradespeople, production and services. 
  • We buy in a greater range of local and regional food (from the Tyrolean Oberland to Innsbruck). The products used in our spa are also sourced directly from the Alpienne company, based in the Pilztal valley in the nature park.
  • We familiarise our staff with the range of local food and drinks on offer - for both purchasing and guest communication purposes.
  • We engage in a constant dialogue with our guests on specific topics relating to the nature park.


Think differently

Inclusion isn’t a hallmark of our brand - it’s a fundamental part of the service we offer. We want ensure that ALL of our guests can enjoy unrestricted access to the pristine mountain landscapes of the Kaunertal valley.

  • Our hotel puts nothing in your way: 30 wheelchair accessible rooms with accessible bathrooms, accessible spa, dining rooms and hotel bar.
  • Working together with the local tourism association and the Kaunertal cable car operators, we provide unrestricted access to the mountains.
  • Mobility aids such as Swiss-Trac, Alber e-Pilot, monoskis, grab handles and shower wheelchairs are all available to loan in the hotel.
  • Our staff are trained to be aware of issues surrounding accessibility and inclusion in order to ensure everyone can enjoy the same holiday experience.
  • The Hotel Weisseespitze has received multiple awards for its efforts to ensure accessibility. We provide services not just to wheelchair users, but to anyone with reduced mobility.


A matter of pride

As a shaper of the nature park environment, we understand the value of the untouched nature that surrounds us. It is the source of our life energy and our greatest treasure. Taking responsibility for doing more to protect to the environment is a matter of pride for us.

  • We have carried out a “climate check” of our hotel and have committed ourselves to actively taking measures to improve things.
  • 80% of lighting in the hotel uses low-energy LED lamps.
  • We use recycled or Ecolabel paper for correspondence, menus and in all sanitary facilities.
  • Further climate protection measures: Triple-glazed windows, partial thermal insulation of the hotel exterior, energy optimised digital heating control.
  • 6 charging points for electric cars as well as our “travel green” advertising to encourage use of public transport.
  • We have created a Biker Code for motorcycle holidays in the nature park and glacier region.


Maintaining the alpine ecosystem

The nature park and glacier region is our hotel’s natural asset. We are committed to maintained the ecosystem and biological diversity of the mountains that surround us.

  • Our gardens have been planned to be in-keeping with their environment and feature exclusively local plant varieties.
  • We do not use any synthetic fertilisers in our gardens.
  • A dosing system for cleaning agents has been installed to reduce the impact on the ground water.
  • We use recycled and environmentally-friendly materials throughout the hotel.
  • We reduce paper usage by 40,000 sheets of DIN A4 paper each year by using a digital check in system for guests.

Working together to leave a better world for future generations

The 17 development goals for 2030 set out by the United Nations

The whole world working towards a better life! In September 2015, Austria and all other 192 members of the United Nations agreed to transform the world by implementing 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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